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Injectable Aesthetics in Massachusetts

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Health. Beauty. Inextricably Linked.

At Hormonally Balanced, we understand. The way you feel about yourself reaches deep into your mental health and wellness. When you feel confident and strong, your body listens.

And we listen. That’s why we take injectable aesthetics seriously. We know injectables are a serious medical procedure — and we know the effect they can have on your health and well-being.

Look younger with injectable aesthetic
Are you a Good Candidate for Injectable Aesthetics


That’s what’s at the heart of injectable aesthetics. When you revitalize your look, you also feel younger, and your mental health flourishes. Ask us how you can get a fresher look through the simple use of Botox and fillers.


What Can Injectable Aesthetics Do For Me?

When you look in the mirror, are you happy with what you see? Do deep facial lines and wrinkles look back at you? Does the sight of your own face make you feel old? At Hormonally Balanced, we want you to feel young and strong. We employ injectable aesthetics to diminish signs of aging. With Botox and fillers, you can enjoy:

What Are Injectable Aesthetics?

Injectable aesthetics are simple, non-invasive treatments that reduce signs of aging and other skin imperfections. They don’t require downtime and are quick to administer. Our experts will help you choose the right course of treatment so you can give yourself a lift and get back to your life right away — but with a younger, fresher outlook.

At Hormonally Balanced, we are proud to offer Botox and a range of dermal fillers. Both are injected subcutaneously, below the top surface of the skin, using the tiniest of needles.

Botox is a simple injection that contains botulinum toxin type A. Botox minimizes facial lines resulting from frowning, smiling, and laughing. It is also a medical treatment of choice for some cases of migraine headaches, underarm perspiration, and eye twitching. Learn more here

Dermal fillers are injectables that help reduce wrinkles and lines. They also add volume and fullness to areas of your face, including your lips. We use them to diminish frown lines between the eyebrows, crow’s feet, and smile lines around the mouth. Thanks to dermal fillers, in minutes, you can look more refreshed and relaxed while still looking fully natural. Learn more here

Injectable Aesthetics Combat the Signs of Aging

How Injectable Aesthetics Combat the Signs of Aging

When you smile, when you laugh, when you frown, your facial muscles create wrinkles. Over time, those wrinkles don’t disappear so easily.

That’s where Botox comes in. It relaxes the wrinkles and lines you already have, and it reduces the muscle movement that creates new lines on your face. This injectable is good for reducing those horizontal lines across your forehead, crow’s feet surrounding your eyes, and the frown lines that can appear between your eyebrows.

Your body creates hyaluronic acid and collagen naturally to keep your face looking young and fresh… but as you age, your body produces less of these natural substances. This is where fillers shine. They fill in fine lines and wrinkles from under your skin, plumping up areas that are starting to look hollow.

If you have smile lines, smoker’s lines around your mouth, or marionette lines running from your mouth to your chin, fillers are an ideal choice to freshen your look. They’re also particularly good at filling out hollow cheeks or thin lips.

And you can combine Botox and fillers to help you look just like yourself — but younger, with fewer lines and wrinkles.

Are you ready to talk with us about the rejuvenation possible with injectable aesthetics?

Contact us today to learn how aesthetic injectables can make all the difference.Call today to schedule your initial appointment and let’s work together to treat this condition and get you feeling like yourself again.

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Read What other Boston area Women are Saying

I would highly recommend to all women going through hormonal changes. Since starting their Hormone Replacement therapy I feel like my younger self. The staff is very welcoming and answer all my questions made me feel at ease immediately.

Jen H.

Absolutely love everything about this place! For the first time in years I feel heard about the issues that come with aging and how your hormones affect you. As a 50 year old woman who wants to live my life to the fullest, I can honestly say that these women have given me my confidence, my sanity and my body back. They understand women! You won’t be disappointed!

Kristin P.

A friend suggested that I get my hormones checked since I was gaining weight, couldn't sleep, no energy, and felt extremely hot at night, so I booked an appointment at hormonally balanced and now I am starting to feel like myself again thanks to bio identical hormones and this clinic! I love that the staff is all women, I felt like I was listened too, and my symptoms were validated, all the staff genuinely care.

Alexis J.

FAQ about Injectable Aesthetics

You’ll start to see the effects of Botox and fillers almost immediately. Within 24 hours after Botox injections, your facial lines start to fade and your face relaxes. Your look keeps getting better over the next week, and you’ll continue to see great results for 3 to 4 months.


The effects of fillers last even longer. You’ll see immediate results, and your face will continue to look fresh and revitalized for anywhere from 6 to 18 months. With continued treatment, you can continue to enjoy your younger, more confident look.

Almost everyone does well with injectable aesthetics. At Hormonally Balanced we’ll talk through your medical history and your overall goals regarding your well-being. We’ll also examine your skin closely before we sit down together to design your treatment plan.

We take good care of you when you come to us for injectables — you might even feel we're pampering you!


We’ll make sure your skin is clean and numb before we proceed. We don’t want you to even feel the injection. We place the Botox or dermal fillers precisely to achieve exactly the look you want. Most people are in and out of our clinic in 30 minutes or even less. (Yes, you can get injectables on your lunch break!)


We’ll also help you ice the area to prevent or minimize any redness or tenderness, but most people return to their daily routine immediately after receiving injections. You can expect to see results within a day or so, often even sooner.

Ready to talk with us about Injectable Aesthetics?

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